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How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Established Writers and Start Promoting Yourself as a Writer for Hire (Even If You've Never Worked as a Writer Before)


Did you know 30% of the workforce now changes jobs every 12 months? And according to the U.S. Department of Labor, the average person will change careers 5-7 times during their adult life.

So if you've been thinking about finding work as a writer, it's not the craziest idea.

The skill sets and subject matter expertise you've acquired in your current or previous jobs might have perfectly positioned you to take on new types of writing work.

Or your career transition might involve selling your own product or service for the first time, which means you need to learn content marketing and copywriting.

But Here's the Problem That's Been Holding You Back ...

You want to start promoting yourself as a writer for hire, but you don't know how to start without writing samples or previous experience. You don't have proof that you're the perfect writer for the job.

Also, you might think that good-paying writing jobs are rare and the process of finding them takes so long that you can't even imagine becoming a working writer, which means you have to continue working at a job you don't really love.

Or, you want to start writing to build an audience of prospects so you can offer paid products or services in the future, but you don't know why anyone would listen to you.

You're probably also a bit of a perfectionist ... and while you're working hard to get everything just right, you feel like you're wasting time. Your competitors are building audiences with their writing and taking writing jobs that you'd like to have.

But you know a mediocre writing portfolio won't impress editors and you won't stand out as a good candidate, so you keep searching for more advice ... you continue to read articles on how to become a writer and watch videos on where to look for writing work.

Want to Move on From General-Advice Overload?

Starting today, you can conquer your general-advice overload by taking a free, confidential assessment to see if you qualify for personalized guidance about your writing career.

Let me introduce you to 500 Words Consulting ...

... a service-product hybrid specifically designed for a new writer who has general-advice overload and needs a custom solution based on their individual circumstances.

What's a New Writer?

A new writer has a specific subject matter expertise but little-to-no experience getting writing work in their field. They haven't established themselves as a writer yet.

You might be a/an:

  • Astrologer
  • Chef
  • Clothing Designer
  • Dentist
  • Doctor
  • eCommerce Entrepreneur
  • Fashion Stylist
  • Financial Advisor
  • Film Buff
  • Fitness Trainer
  • Gardener
  • Graphic Designer
  • House Flipper
  • Interior Designer
  • Jewelry Designer
  • Lawyer
  • Life Coach
  • Musician
  • Online Entrepreneur
  • Photographer
  • Plumber
  • Podcaster
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Sports Fan
  • Software Developer
  • Therapist
  • Yoga Instructor
  • YouTuber
  • Another type of expert!

Sound like you?

Then it's time to get your questions answered!

You can now ask me 1 to 3 questions about your current writing career (even if you're just getting started).

I'll provide you with:

  • 500 - 1,000 words of personalized guidance about your writing career, so you can stop wasting time wondering if general advice will work for your individual circumstances
  • Specific next steps that help establish you as a writer for hire, which means other writers won't take the jobs that are a perfect fit for you
  • Customized advice about promoting your writing services, charging competitive rates, and getting work you love

“In all of my years writing online, one of the greatest resources I’ve ever had is Stefanie Flaxman as a content editor. She excels at her job because she cares deeply about doing good work and because she can simultaneously empathize with both the writer and the reader.
“So when Stefanie writes something about editing, I listen. Carefully. She knows what she’s talking about, and she knows which of the lessons from her vast cache of them will be most impactful for the modern content marketer.
“If you want to create a more professional online production and deliver the best product to your visitors, pay attention to tips from Stefanie.” – Jerod Morris, Digital Entrepreneur

I Could Have Used New Writer Consulting Like This!

If you want to feel like a writer, create outstanding writing samples, and confidently look for writing work, you need 500 Words Consulting.

I know ... because I could have used it!

I'm Stefanie Flaxman, an Editorial Director and New Writer Consultant.

I was the Editor-in-Chief of Copyblogger Media for 9 years, where I ...

  • Enthusiastically taught content marketing and copywriting
  • Efficiently managed a weekly editorial production that set the standard for modern "high quality" content that grows an audience
  • Regularly communicated with our email list of 100,000 readers

But prior to all of that, I was in a different stage of my career ...

In 2008, I decided to work full-time as a freelance copy editor.

Since 1998 I had jobs writing and editing, but I now wanted the freedom of having an online business, managing my own clients, and working from home.

Everyone I knew thought it sounded weird. Remember this was 2008. (I still had a MySpace page.)

So, I turned to the internet for support ...

Studying free advice online became my daily practice. I created my own curriculum about what I needed to do to run a successful online business.

And I quickly learned that I needed to promote myself as a writer as well if I was going to be a successful freelancer. Even after doing that, things moved slowly and were often challenging.

There was a lot of fumbling around. A lot of mistakes were made.

Since I'm stubborn, my wins were due to perseverance but I wasted a lot of time with free advice that wasn't right for my specific situation.

What works for others might not work for you, and vice versa. You really need custom advice tailored to your current circumstances. I wish I would have invested in a paid mentorship that would have helped me get to where I wanted to go faster.

But I'm grateful for all that trial and error, because I learned so much ...

That's why I love giving free advice on YouTube!

And while I like answering questions I receive in the comments section of my videos, I can't get too specific with my responses.

Even if the viewer shares detailed information, I'm just not able to give customized advice for free.

So I wanted to create an option where I have the time to hear about individual circumstances and offer personalized guidance.

I'm a writer — the best product I can provide for you is a piece of writing you can reference as a roadmap to move forward with your own writing career.

Here's how 500 Words Consulting works ...

It's a Consulting Service, Delivered as a Writing Product

  • You answer 11 questions during your free, confidential assessment. These answers help me learn more about your situation and give me the background information I need to answer your question(s). You'll also be able to ask me 1-3 questions at this time.
  • If we're a good match, I'll take you on as a client.
  • You'll get a PayPal invoice for $500.
  • You pay the invoice with your preferred payment method. You don't need a PayPal account. (There are no refunds, so the assessment process to make sure I can point you in the right direction is important for both of us.)
  • I'll prepare your consulting package with 500-1000 words of personalized guidance that answers your questions.
  • I'll email you a link to the consulting package within 7 business days of receiving your payment.

This means you now have the option to get personalized guidance you can start implementing within the next few weeks!

I could easily charge 10 times as much for consulting (and the current price might go up in the future), but I want you to get on the right path in the early stages of your new writer journey.

And if you're dedicated to working consistently on growing your writing career, the $500 you pay me for consulting could easily pay for itself during your first year of taking on new types of writing work.


A Bonus for Existing Clients Only

Once you're one of my clients, you can ask an unlimited number of follow-up questions as part of my Mentorship Program.

For each follow-up question, you get 200-500 words of additional personalized guidance, and the price per question is $100.

This ongoing mentorship is only available for existing clients!

What Do People Say About Me?

Here's what Semrush has to say about my work with Digital Commerce Partners (DCP):

"When I recently started leading the portfolio of 3 sites owned by Semrush, 3 agencies were already hired. It quickly became clear that we needed to let two of them go.

"Very few teams can work on the level of technical, expert and community-oriented content that we need for Backlinko or Traffic Think Tank.

"DCP is the only agency we’re keeping. It’s a pleasure to work on content with professionals who are as legit, experienced, systematic and engaged as Jonny and Stefanie." – Branko Kral, Program Manager, Semrush Owned Media

Here's other feedback I've received recently ...

"I struggle with perfectionism and I've been trying to overcome that. And hearing it from you that there are going to be mistakes and that's totally fine makes a lot of difference." – Rison S.

"Great thoughts on getting past the barrier of 'Am I good enough?'" – Duncan S.

"I've been a slave to perfectionism for a long time, in many aspects of my life, and finding tools and reasons to work beyond it will be a big part of this process for me. Thanks for your expertise!" – Kyle W.

"I spent the first month of my new editor job alternating between feeling like an abject dunce and a complete fraud. I sought out any help I could get. Your channel was the only YouTube source of writing and editing advice I followed. What drew me in was your authenticity. Your videos reminded me of old school YouTube — a time when this medium was raw and real and stripped down. I suppose, in that way, it represented the philosophy I wanted to follow as an editor: to strip away the fat, the unnecessary, and leave only what's required ... though if I'm honest, that's a perspective I've only gotten in retrospect. What drew me in was your clear love and passion for writing. You didn't game the algorithm or draw out minutes for clicks in an environment that (at the time) rewarded the golden ten-minute mark. Instead, you kept each video concise, only giving what was necessary. There's a poetic nature to a video that embodies the lesson it imparts, and cheesy as this may sound, there's a nobility in making soulful content that your environment doesn't reward." – Trent M.

And here are some other comments I've received over the years ...

"I simply want to tell you that your YOUTUBE content is fantastic. I listen to every one of them ( BTW, I was sub #14 I think ).

- Please continue, don't second guess a thing.

- Most of all I want you to know you ARE changing my life with your efforts." – Peter M.

"I never thought I'd see a Billy Idol lyric in a Copyblogger post so you just became my favourite writer (true story)." – Icy S.

"I was looking to create content like this on my blog but wasn’t sure how to lay it out. This definitely gives me some ideas and will use it as a template for some of my future posts." – Jeremy H.

"Thank you. I’m sending this to my team now. Our website does well in converting but on a new page we rank #1 for in local has almost no conversions (yet is its our 5th most visited page in organic search). I’m going to implement this concept and let you know the results." – David H.

"I have read a lots of these type of articles before, where they beautifully create a buildup for the next episode and you actually look forward to it and now I know how they actually do it. Many thanks!" – Ron P.

"Thanks for these great tips! I’ve been posting articles on my blog for the past 2 years but never understood how important it is to guest post. I’m definitely going to give this a go. Thanks again!" – Keith G.

My Process to Eliminate the Need for Refunds

Your free, confidential assessment helps ensure that I'm in a position to help you move forward with your writing career.

If I'm not, I'll email you a brief postponement letter explaining why I'm not able to take you on as a client right now.

If we are a good match to work together, I don't offer refunds for consulting services you receive either in the form of 500-1,000 words for $500 or 200-500 words for $100 (existing clients only).

I also make no guarantees about particular outcomes, since what happens after you receive consulting is up to a number of factors that are independent from any advice that I give or any questions that I answer.

Ready to Take the Next Step?


This is the lowest price I'll ever charge for consulting, so get in now and start moving forward as a writer within the next few weeks.

If you don't, other writers will! And they'll take the work that might be the perfect fit for you.

When you become a 500 Words Consulting client, you'll get:

  • A concise, customized roadmap to becoming a working writer, so other writers stop taking the gigs that are meant for you
  • Steps that help you stand out as an expert, even if you've tried to get writing jobs before and failed
  • Personalized guidance that helps you pursue new types of work you love

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." – Leonardo da Vinci

500 Words Consulting is the simple way to get personalized advice about how to start or grow your writing career.


Talk with you soon,

Stefanie Flaxman
100% Intelligence. 0% Artificial.


Is your current strategy to become a writer going as planned? If you pass on 500 Words Consulting today, you'll keep searching for free tips and how-tos to grow your writing career.

You could spend a year learning from great advice on YouTube but still not know if any of it is relevant and useful to your particular situation.

There's a lot of helpful information out there, but it takes time to get to the real gems. And I know there are exceptional online courses that help you get results, but how much have you actually implemented from the last online course you bought?

Instead, it's time to make a different kind of investment in your future ...

Get personalized guidance that will help you get your first writing job faster! We can focus on breaking down what you've learned in previous online courses or work on getting the most out of the ones you're currently taking.

If you want a customized solution you'll be able to start implementing in the next few weeks ...


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